• Sally Turberville Smith Dipl. Psych, BA Hons,


    Counselling & Psychotherapy Nutritional/Lifestyle Coaching

    Willesden Green, NW2

  • I believe that one is never too old or too young to benefit from counselling, although I do not work with children under 16 in my private practice.  My clients come from all walks of life and  I believe that counselling should be affordable to all and offer a small number of low-cost counselling sessions to students and those on low incomes or unemployed.  

    Life presents us with many challenges, transitions and opportunities to grow and fullfil our true potential.  Very often we resist change and anything that threatens our perceived identity because in the past we have been hurt or abandoned and we have learnt to play safe or keep ourselves small.  Invariably we set unbelievable high goals for ourselves focusing on some ideal of perfection and then lose confidence in ourselves when we fail to meet our raised expectations.  Or we find ourselves in co-dependent relationships, because we did not receive enough affection or validation from our care-givers and have not learnt how to give ourselves the things we are looking for in a partner.  It becomes increasingly difficult to feel 'at ease' with ourselves and experience joy in our lives, work and relationships.  Anxiety and low mood or depression and feeling 'stuck' then become the norm.  At other times something happens 'out of the blue' such as a sudden death or loss and we may feel overwhelmed not knowing how to manage what has happened.  Seeking help requires courage, patience and maturity. 

    Working with a counsellor is like working with a guide or collaborator.  Someone robust yet calm who listens to you without judging you.  A counsellor may become a witness for what has happened in your life, thus helping you feel understood, reassured and validated.  I  provide you with alternative ways of seeing and responding to your situation, which helps you feel calmer and provides a broader perspective.  Very often we are very hard on ourselves without realising it and often my work involves helping clients recognise their qualities and beauty - a transformative process that improves self-esteem, personal power and confidence.

     In counselling sessions emotions such as anger, shame and sadness may be compassionately worked through and transformed.  We can learn not to fear or disown the parts of us that we dislike or tend to project on to others.  With time we heal and emerge from our therapy knowing ourselves better, loving ourselves more and equipped with powerful resources for what lies ahead. 



  • Counselling offered for the following conditions and life challenges


    • Anxiety
    • Depression
    • Stress & burnout
    • Relationship issues
    • Eating disorders
    • Addictions
    • Bereavement counselling
    • life threatening illness
    • trauma