• Sally Turberville Smith Dipl. Psych, BA Hons,


    Counselling & Psychotherapy Nutritional/Lifestyle Coaching

    Willesden Green, NW2

  • Nutrition and lifestyle choices effect all aspects of our physical, emotional and mental health.  What, how and when you eat and whether you move and stretch your body regularly will impact upon your energy levels, mood, stamina, weight and quality of sleep.  Caffeine, alcohol, nicotene and sugar are addictive and can seriously undermine the bodies immune and detoxifying systems.  Over time and as we get older we are less efficient at processing these chemicals in the liver and their affects especially when combined with on-going or acute stress may manifest in serious diseases such as diabetes and cancer, high blood pressure or digestive problems.

    I am trained and experienced in helping clients improve their health, wellbeing and resilience to disease.  If you are worried about your health or have been diagnosed with a serious life-threatening condition I can help support you both physically and psychologically.  I have experience working with cancer patients, diabetes sufferers, cardio-vascular complaints, digestive disorders such as IBS as well as skin disorders such as acne, excema and rosacea.  I also have a keen interest and experience in women's reproductive health and have helped women experiencing fertility problems and those diagnosed with polycystic ovaries, fibroids, endometriosis and or menstrual irregularities as well as helping women transition through and beyond Menopause.

    My approach is always guided by you and your individual needs and unique physiological and psychological make-up.  I do not believe that there is one right or perfect diet or exercise regimen that suits all and a big part of becoming and feeling well again is to learn to listen and act upon the messages our bodies send us.  It is also important to understand how much your thoughts may be a factor and to take steps to counteract the affects of stress in your work and or life.

    Weight loss and health issues

    Most diets don't work because they don't address the emotional reasons why we overeat.  Many of these have their roots in childhood and will need exploring if you are to succeed in losing weight permanently.  As a nutritionist and psychotherapist I am well placed to help you work out the perfect eating plan for you - which will be unique to your physiology, lifestyle and personal preferences.  I am of the opinion that 'a little bit of what you fancy does you good' and that how we eat and when is just as important as what we eat.  That said there are definitely times of the year such as early spring when the body and mind can really benefit from a detoxifying programme that cleanses and revitalises the liver and digestive system, improving resistance to stress and boosting immunity and longevity. 

    All bodies need to be stretched and moved regularly and I will help you (if you have forgotten or need a little bit of persuading) re-discover the joy of inhabiting a body that is exercised daily whether this is through brisk walking, the gym, yoga, sport or dance. 

    Initial Nutritional/Lifestyle Consultation £75 for 90 minutes

    Before your initial consultation you will need to fill in a Nutritional Questionnaire and 5-day food diary which I can post or email to you and which you will need to return to me a few days before we meet.

    Follow up Consultations £40 for £45 minutes

    These sessions help us monitor your progress, make adjustments to your supplement programme if necessary and help you stay motivated to achieve your goals and reduce the symptoms of ill health or disease that might have been troubling you.

    Follow up Consultations for weight loss/emotional overeating £50 for 55 minutes

    The sessions will be guided by you and what you feel has been important learning for you around your relationship with food since our last session.  Thus the focus of the sessions may incorporate both nutritional advice/help with menu planning and recipe suggestions as well as close attention to how you are feeling and what is currently going on in your life.