• Sally Turberville Smith Dipl. Psych, BA Hons,


    Counselling & Psychotherapy Nutritional/Lifestyle Coaching

    Willesden Green, NW2

  • My aim is to provide a compassionate space for you to tell your story, explore your thoughts and feelings and allow the 'what's next' to manifest when you are ready. 

    Before we meet I will speak to you on the phone, find out what is troubling you and take some basic details.  We then agree to a first session in which I will ask you some more details about your personal history and the nature of what you feel you are struggling with so that I can work out if I am the right person to help you.  It is also a time for you to ask me any questions you may have and  get a sense of whether you will feel comfortable working with me. 

    If we agree to work together we decide on the number of sessions you would like and what the focus of the therapy will be.  Therapy can be both short-term or long-term depending on what you are coming for and what feels unresolved or problematic in your life.  As we continue to meet I will regularly check in with you and ask you how you feel we are relating and how you see your counselling journey progressing.

    I work with you as an individual which means that my approach will be guided by your personality, your needs and what brings you to therapy.  Ultimately I am interested in helping you uncover more of your strengths and 'gifts'.  What is unique about you and what do you feel is working well for you in your life?  To aid me in this exploration, if this is an area that appeals to you, we will invite your imagination and intuition to assist us through exploration of dreams, guided visualisations and other creative 'play'.  It is my experience that these areas of the psyche that reside in the 'left brain' and not the logical analytical right brain that we are more used to operating from can be 'mined' to provide gold for your psychological and spiritual unfolding.

    There are no quick fixes in therapy, but I do believe that the examined life is richer and much more interesting especially if we have the courage and commitment to confront what limits us and embody a new narrative to live by.

    'Finding one's story, the examination of how it has played out, the recognition of possibly another  story which seeks to emerge is the task of therapy, or any pretence toward the examined life'.

    James Hollis