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  • Sally's Survival Guide to Christmas

    Welcome to Sally's survival guide to Christmas! Love it or loathe it there is no escaping Christmas.  You might not end up jingling all the way to Lapland, but follow my 8 tips below and the next 2 weeks could find you healthy, serene and ready to sparkle at every Christmas party.   If

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    Flying High! 7 tips to improve your self-esteem

    Welcome to November.  It might be chilly outside but it has put me in the festive spirit extra early so read on to find out how to fly high and get your self-esteem soaring! Reaching out to those who care about us, making new friends and focusing on what gives us pleasure is vital in the

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    Feeling depressed? 8 factors that can contribute to feeling low.

    Hello and welcome to the October issue of ‘Ask Sally’.  Each month I focus on a common health concern that I see regularly in my practice by shining on it both a nutritional and psychological lens.  Sometimes we can easily help ourselves by making changes to our lifestyle and

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    Welcome to my blog

    So often in the therapy room I sit with clients who feel they should be able to make a decision.  What is the right thing for them to do? More often than not they 'don't know', but they feel desperate that they should know.  Why is it so hard for us to sit with

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