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  • To Do Or Not To Do?

    To Do Or Not To Do? Why are decisions so difficult?  Why do we often refuse to take responsibility for ourselves and act?   Why do we stay stuck in what we know is a negative cycle that undermines both our mental and physical health?  Why is it so hard for us to accept that

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    Good Vibrations - How to amplify and harmonise your chi

    Good Vibrations – How to amplify and harmonise your chi and re-set your ‘home frequency’. Are you feeling a bit ‘flat’ or ‘off key’?  Does your life feel all work and no play? Have you forgotten what it’s like to see the world through the eyes of

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    Why Therapy Works – Know Thy Selves

    Very often people seek out therapy because they have a problem they want to fix. They believe they should know what to do about a specific person or situation or be able to ‘cure’ themselves of a particular affliction such as anxiety, depression or addiction. It is not long before they

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    Be the Beauty you want to be

    Kick Ass this Valentine’s day and Be The Beauty You Want To Be! This February I intended to write a nice cosy ‘pink’ piece about love and romance and how fabulous relationships can be if you work on yourself and your relationship, but Cupid was not playing ball and instead I

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