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  • 7 Summer Skin Savers Are Here

    13th August 2018
  • This month it’s all about the skin because sunshine lovely and life giving as it is plays havoc with our skin, hair, hands and feet! 

    Like most things in life it all comes down to balance, and this August in thinking about the skin’s function and how it reflects our internal health and well-being I am sharing with you my 7 top summer skin care savers.  Not only will you enjoy soft smooth radiant skin, you will also experience greater clarity, harmony and equilibrium in your thoughts and emotions.

    1. Protection.  Find a cool hat and wear it!  Use a high protection SPF 50 sunscreen and apply often especially if you are swimming, out all day or sweating (playing sports).
    2. Purity.  Use gentle organic plant- based products and essential oils as much as possible.  Treat your skin respectfully with soft linen cloths and cotton wool not harsh flannels, abrasive exfoliators or chemical peels.  Our skin needs to find its own natural balance and will do this if you leave it alone and don’t confuse or upset it with oil stripping cleansers, synthetic chemicals and too much cream!!  Summer fruits such as lemons, strawberries, tomatoes and pineapples, contain natural acids and or enzymes that can work wonders to refine and or soothe the skin.  For example, lemon juice swept over the skin restores the acid mantel, refines the pores and helps prevent blackheads and pimples.  Used regularly it will also even out irregular pigmentation.   Honey is another of my favourites – it makes a brilliant yet gentle exfoliator/mask when warmed and applied to the skin for 5 minutes.
    3. Moisture.  Drink plenty of water during hot weather and always carry it with you when you are travelling – you never know when you might be delayed and not able to buy some!!  Too much sugar in the form of alcohol, fizzy drinks, chocolate and ice cream will dehydrate you, zap moisture from the skin and speed up the cross linking of proteins that leads to premature ageing and wrinkles.  Don’t say you haven’t been warned!
    4. Oxygen. Oxygen is needed by all body processes.  It is the vital spark that releases energy.  Iron is the mineral needed to make haemoglobin, the pigment in blood that carries oxygen around the body.  When skin does not get enough oxygen, it becomes pale and lifeless.  A lack of iron can cause us to feel breathless and dizzy on exertion which is what happens during altitude sickness when oxygen levels are low.  Make sure your diet is rich in iron rich foods: - red meat, eggs, leafy greens, nuts and figs.   Learn to centre yourself often by returning to the breath and consciously deepening it.  Practice yoga and regularly spend time walking or exercising outside in nature where the air is cleaner.  Fill your home with plants (peace lilies are good) that absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen back into the air. 
    5. Optimum nutrition.  Healthy skin foods are abundant at this time of year so there is no excuse not to indulge in them every day!  Vibrant and colourful salads, juicy tomatoes, ripe avocados and an abundance of succulent summer fruits such as nectarines, berries, melons and plums.  All these are bursting with antioxidant vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals that can help protect the skin from the ageing effects of the sun and boost immunity.  Good quality oils such as virgin olive oil, fish oil and sunflower seed oil help oil our skin from within and should be consumed daily.
    6. Stress reduction and sleep.  Getting enough sleep is vital if we are to feel both energised and calm throughout the day.  Skin and eyes deprived of sleep never look their best.    If you are on the go all day, relying on stimulants such as caffeine, nicotine or sugar to keep you going you won’t be getting good quality sleep, your mental and physical health will suffer, your skin will be blotchy, dry or blemished and eyes will lose their sparkle.   Mindfulness apps such as Headspace and Calm can help with stress reduction and sleep difficulties as they offer motivation, tips and guidance, but best is developing your own meditation practice and other soulful, quiet rituals such as reading, journaling and listening to music that moves you.
    1. Me and my skin time.  Have a monthly facial that replenishes you inside and out.  My bespoke aromatic facials are designed to deep cleanse, revitalise and restore moisture to the skin and equilibrium to the soul.  This August and September I am offering two luxurious 70- minute facials for just £75.  One facial needs to be taken by 30th September and the other by 30th November 2018.

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