• Sally Turberville Smith Dipl. Psych, BA Hons,


    Counselling & Psychotherapy Nutritional/Lifestyle Coaching

    Willesden Green, NW2


  • My areas of Speciality

  • Adolescence can be a lonely and confusing time. Young people can feel angry and abandoned especially if parents are absent, unavailable for whatever reason or too preoccupied with their own lives.  Adolescents are working out what they want to do and who they want to be.  They can benefit enormously from a non-judgmental relationship with a counsellor where they can talk freely about what is bothering them.  I help young people learn to understand and navigate their interpersonal relationships, teach them the importance of feelings and help them to appreciate their strengths and uniqueness thus building resilience.

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  • Intimate relationships present us with huge challenges to grow and extend ourselves beyond our personal egos.  Significantly the kind of relationship we have with ourself provides a mirror for the type of relationship we can expect to have with another.  I can help you make and sustain a mutually satisfying relationship or help you resolve or move on from an existing one. 

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  • Addictions and Eating disorders are complex conditions that can feel shameful and isolating.  Individuals are likely to require a combined treatment plan of emotional and psychological support.

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  • I specialise in helping my clients gain greater clarity and happiness in relationships.  I can help you manage difficult or overwhelming feelings such as anxiety, depression, deep sadness and loss or feelings of low self-esteem and just feeling 'down' and not knowing what to do about it.  I work with individuals and couples.  My training and orientation is Transpersonal which means that as well as being curious about our psychological developmental and how we have been shaped by our experiences in our families, at work and by our adult relationships and our culture,  I am also interested in what makes us unique as human beings and how a soulful and spiritual connection to the universe and each other may enrich and expand our lives and relationships.

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  • As a therapist, my mission is to:
  • Help you prioritise and cherish your emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.

  • Enhance your ability to make and engage in fulfilling intimate relationships

  • Instil in you compassion and the courage to be the person you want to be.